“Instead of fixating or imposing an idea or form upon the body, the centred, self-correcting body (in continual motion and capable of flexibility, suppleness and strength) emerges from an inner somatic awareness, born of a well-developed nervous system and a harmonic energy flow”
Liz Koch

We approach movement and the practice of yoga holistically as a way to reconnect with our individuality and access our personal wisdom and potential. To do this, we need to move away from repetitive movement patterns into a practice that allows for a deep inner self-exploration rather than to push ourselves into pre-conditioned ideas of how we should move and how our body should look.

Our way of teaching yoga* focuses on experiencing movement from the inside out, allowing you to develop an awareness of your own body and physiology in order to deepen your understanding of life and yourself as a living organism that wants to express itself and thrive.

Having evolved over thousands of years, our body has an innate and profound intelligence that by far exceeds that of the mind. We can (re-) learn to tap into this intelligent power and (re-) activate our body’s self-healing system, so that we can move through life with grace, expressing our true potential from a stable and supple core.

We mostly move the way we think we should move or are conditioned to move, rather than tapping into our somatic intelligence and letting the body move the way it was intended to. This creates habitual movement and tension patterns which, combined with our thinking and emotional patterns, limits us not only in our range of motion, but in our ability to express our true selves.

The body is not a ‘solid, static or isolated object’ that needs to be taught how to breathe, move or function. In reality, our body is a fluid and soft organism that has an innate need to express itself through movement. We can learn to stop interfering in this natural process and allow the living organism that we are to fully express itself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How do we do this? By learning to develop our somatic intelligence and free our movement, so that we can think, feel, perceive, experience and move through life from within a dynamic physical body.

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