Pick a Problem

pick a problem

The world is faced with a lot of problems in this time and age, and most problems, like climate change, poverty, war or the extinction of certain species are so overwhelming that we do not really know where to start, or how we could possibly make a contribution that actually helps to solve a problem. For most of us, it seems that whatever we could contribute would just a be a drop in the ocean and have no impact whatsoever on the situation at large. So most of the time we end up doing nothing. Not because we don’t want to, but simply because we believe we cannot make a difference.

Yes, it is a scary world out there and yes, as individuals we can only do so much to help, but rest assured, every little helps! Have a look at the most pressing problems our planet or your community is faced with, pick one that touches you the most and do whatever is in your circle of action, i.e. what you can realistically do to help. Most of the time, our circle of concern (what we feel compassion and empathy for) is much larger than our circle of action. So, take a moment, ask yourself what problem you would like to help solve most and evaluate what your personal circle of action is – what financial, intellectual, manual, time or other resources can you realistically spare to help your chosen cause.

Maybe it’s as little as planting one tree or not buying that one plastic bottle or giving one sandwich to a homeless person. Maybe it’s just making somebody else aware of a problem. Whatever it is that you can do today, never underestimate the value of one small act of kindness or protection! What if your small action inspires others to do the same, and you launched a positive domino effect? What if you picked just one small thing to do today and then again tomorrow, and again the day after, and then every day? What if others did the same? What if we had a little hope not only in our own kindness but in the power of our collective effort to make the world a better place?

Let’s start today. It will help!

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